Edwyn Vond

Investigator, information broker, adventurer and story teller


A handsome middle age man, Edwyn knows how to go from unnoticed to be the center of attention and back to unnoticed again if needed. Edwyn knows people. Literally and figuratively. He skillfully navigate their motivations and ambitions to get what he wants. This would be terrifying coming from someone with bad intentions. However Ed has a good heart.

His accent isn’t lost on the people he meets and encounters, however it is always quickly forgotten since his words are simply a form of mesmerizing fine art.

Ed likes to make a good impression and he maintain an impeccable appearance. This fact alone make sure he captivate without much efforts.


Edwyn comes from a modest family. Both his father and mother have been employed by the nobility for many years now. As a young boy Edwyn enjoyed showing uninvited at noble events and pretending to be of noble descent.

As he became a young adult, he had built an impressive network of friends, allies and contacts. His natural curiosity paired with strong social and analytical skills made him a great investigator.

As Ed was extending his network, opportunities to travel became more frequent and he gladly embraced them. This lead him to consider joining adventurers, mostly for the challenge of it. He thought he could make interesting discoveries, hone his skills and make new friends.

Edwyn Vond

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