On a Role

On A Role: Episode 16

Taverns and Letters and Dire Wolves oh my!

The adventure begins with our heroes receiving correspondence from their factions that warn of a werewolf threat around Phlan. This leads our heroes to the Crossing Inn a short distance from Phlan. While in the tavern our heroes make each others acquaintance and learn that they all seek to end the werewolf menace. At this time a man in strange garb enters the tavern to deliver a letter from the Burgermaster of Barovia explaining that his lands are in great peril and great rewards would be given to any who could lend aid. With the letter delivered the man bought a round of drinks for the table then promptly left.

     Our heroes have no time to relax and take in all that has happened however because screams are heard outside the tavern shortly after the man left! Our heroes find evidence of an abduction of an innocent by none other then a werewolf! Our heroes follow the bloody trail left behind through the nearby woods and to the mouth of a cave, but before a plan can be formed an unnaturally thick fog rolls in forcing the party into the cave. Searching the cave turns up many corpses drained of blood, some buried and some exposed to the elements, but no werewolf is found.

     Once the fog settles into a more manageable mist our heroes exit the cave and find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Out in the distance a village can be seen as well as a castle far above the village. Having no leads the party marches forth to the village. Before the party can arrive however they find a corpse a short distance from the trail they are traveling. On the corpses person is a letter from the Burgermaster of Barovia but it says that no one should enter the land to save it, furthermore it is in a different handwriting then the first letter raising the suspicions of our heroes. Howls begin to ring out from all directions as 5 dire wolves attack the party, and although our heroes fight valiantly they are each defeated in turn. 

      Is this the end of our heroes? Has the adventure ended before it has truly begun? Will the party be able to get back On A Role?!?!?!

Watch the entire episode play by play on Youtube : https://youtu.be/mWFH0okqlok


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